My Space.

You know, I can’t say that I get the MySpace thing. I mean, I know what it’s for and what you’re suppose to do on there but some of the profile pages make me go “gak”. There’s such a wild assortment of mismatched colors with lots of noise blaring out of speakers and flashing beacons that could induce epilepsy in a boulder. Quite frankly, I don’t really take the site seriously but there’s a lot of people (especially my fellow students at school) that do so I suppose I should pay some attention to it. At least it lets me feel hip.

So I have a profile on myspace. Is it myspace, MySpace or My Space? There’s not a lot of dirt on my profile, nor is it particularly juicy, but it’s there in the glorious default style under my online persona. At least having a profile gives me the ability to show Earl who the cute guy in the back of the classroom is (after I play “elimination” by watching the attendance sheet, he says batting his eyes innocently.)