At work we have a television that silently shows a pictures from CNN. We’re suppose to use this TV to monitor the weather but we got bored watching the clouds roll by so a number of years ago we opted for the 24 hour news channel instead. This past week we’ve been silently following the fate of the miners in Utah but today Bush Lite was up there doing another press conference. Watching this man with the sound turned down is kind of interesting. It lets you look at his body language a little bit.

First of all, everything I say about the leader of the free world smacks completely contrary to what I was taught by my parents and my teachers as a child. It is ingrained deep into my morality that we should always respect the President of the United States and his office. I fully believe that. However, I can not bring myself to respect this current administration. I just can’t do it. I try. I look for good points but I find few. The current administration does not respect me, simply because I’m wired to be attracted to the same sex. (“If God made you that way, then God must have made a mistake.”) Furthermore, they don’t respect my relationship with Earl, even though we are completely in love, completely inseparable, the best of friends, and still crazy about each other after more than a decade of doing this whole “until death do us part” thing. And don’t even get me started on the war, civil liberties, failing infrastructure and the building economical nightmare.

So even though I respect the role of the president, I don’t respect the man or any member of this current administration. Heck, I respected Reagan and the first Bush more than I respect this guy. The man is a dumbass. As I was watching him on the screen, I can’t help but notice the “I can’t believe I’m president!” look on his face. I’d have more respect for the goons that sell “I can’t believe its not butter!”

I have to admit I’m already tiring of the 2008 presidential elections. The mud is slinging, the words are flying, the coverage is endless and it’s already exhausting and we’re still 15 months away from the decision. I’m not sure for whom I would vote, but I’m pretty confident that whoever takes the coveted prize next year will automatically earn my respect until proven otherwise.