‘Round The Clock Goodness.

Earl and I have just returned from one of our semi-nightly summer rides. When it’s hot and muggy and the air is thick we find it comforting to jump into the Jeep and drive around to cool off. We usually stop for a treat along the way.

Tonight’s stop was at Dunkin’ Donuts. There was a woofster working behind the counter. We think he belonged to the Jeep parked behind the store. The plates on the Jeep said “BEEFSTEW”. I’m really tempted to make some meat and potatoes jokes here. We didn’t take any pictures.

You know, I find it kind of humorous that 25 years ago the only thing you would find open at 10:00 p.m. was the Byrne Dairy, my hometown’s substitute for 7-11. Gas stations were closed, both chain grocery stores closed at 9:00, Ames closed at 9:30. Nowadays it’s odd for anything to close before midnight, with many establishments opting for the 24 hour deal. As Americans we demand instant access to anything and everything at any hour of the day. Back in the day everyone thought the management of Zayre had lost their mind by going 24 hours for the holidays. Heck, now our Planet Fitness is even open 24 hours. I guess it’s to help counter the guilt one feels for eating Dunkin’ Donuts this late at night.

There’s something decadent about going out late at night and grabbing a goody from the local Dunkin’ Donuts. Perhaps when historians write about these times they’ll call it the “Age of Decadence”.