July 22, 2007

Nail In The Coffin.

It has been announced that Isaiah Washington has been signed on to the cast of the remake of “Bionic Woman”. Did you just hear that slam noise preceded by some metal clanging? That’s the bionic fist of every gay man and lesbian that grew up with Jaime Sommers as their hero slamming the coffin shut on this weak reimagining of our beloved show.

It just keeps going further downhill.

First, David Eick grabs the name “Jaime Sommers” and the title “Bionic Woman” after dropping the “The” from the beginning of it and turns our beloved hero into a bartender drop-out who has some anger issues. Next, they include a deaf younger sister, played by a hearing capable actress that talks in embarassingly stereotypical “deaf speech” while she’s signing, which outrages the deaf community. They drop the deaf sister instead of recasting a deaf actress in the role and then decide to punch it up a notch by casting a man who is surrounded by controversy for anti-gay remarks and put him on a show with a historically MAJOR GAY FOLLOWING.

Are you fscking kidding me?

I was boycotting the show because of the desecration to Lindsay Wagner’s portrayal of Jaime Sommers and the lack of the ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch sounds. The reason for my initial boycott pales in comparison to the reason I’m boycotting now – Isaiah Washington’s presence makes it a definite no-go.

There’s only one Jaime Sommers. And she was a tennis pro turned school teacher in Ojai, California with a really cool side job, some wicked strong legs and arm and wicked cool hearing and she had a really fast dog named Max.

Anything else is just a travesty.

Down Time.

The sniffles and congestion I mentioned on my videos from Canada have forged themselves into a full blown nuisance. This has put somewhat of a hamper on our weekend plans, as I was hoping to take Earl for a nice picnic today, since the Universe has blessed us with absolutely gorgeous weather. However, instead we’ve stayed close to home this weekend and sort of just chilled.

We did venture out last night for a bit and went to the local casino for their nightly bingo game. Earl and I haven’t been to bingo there in a decade or so and they’ve made numerous improvements since our last visit, including a huge non-smoking section and the choice of traditional or electronic bingo cards. We opted for the traditional paper cards as it doesn’t really feel like bingo unless you can dab a colored dot on your free space. We didn’t win anything but we had a great time and look forward to doing it again. I was most amused by a pair of women sitting across from me at the next table, as they had apparently never heard of bingo nor had played it before. During the night, the younger of the two ordered two mocca-choca-la-la-lattes with heavy foam, the older of the two dumped two glasses of water or pop all over their table, asked what a “two part” bingo game was, asked why they couldn’t use the ‘free space’ for the “bingo the hard way” game and all in all were quite amusing. They looked to be having a good time so I say good for them.

The young man sitting to my left (Earl picked the seats next to lone cub of a guy – surprise!) won a door prize which was $15 in bingo bucks that you can’t use for anything except admission to another game. However, since he won the door prize his name and town were announced over the intercom so we must say hello to Dan from Rome! He is google worthy.

Today it’s been about rest and relaxation and I’m finally feeling better. I’ve never had congestion settle behind my eyes before. I don’t think I want it to happen again.