July 17, 2007

Drive. Determination.

Last night I mentioned that I was going to take a long road trip this week. With Earl’s best wishes and encouragement, I hit the road this morning looking forward to exploring parts of the world I’ve never been before. I knew where I was going along, as did Earl, but nosy people read my blog and I wanted to surprise a few folks. So here I am, sitting in an Econo Lodge. I snapped a picture before I reached my intended destination.


My sister spends a lot of time on Prince Edward Island, as her boyfriend and his family lives here. Tomorrow is her birthday and I thought I’d surprise her and take her out to lunch.

So I’m in Charlottetown, PEI.

She’s in Halifax, Nova Scotia, getting away for a few days.


I’ve talked to her and she’s planning on being back on “the island” tomorrow, so this spontaneous plan will work out.

In talking with various family members trying to coax information out of them without giving my intentions away, I’m discovering that some find it odd that Earl and I are not together on this trip. I’ve always said that few “get” us and this is one of the aspects of our relationship that I’m referring to. Earl knows how much I love roadtripping and since our vacation schedules aren’t meshing this time around I embarked on this little adventure alone but with his blessing. It’s probably a good thing he’s not along, as I drove about 950 miles today.

A few quick observations and then I’ll call this is a wrap:

1. Maine becomes very, very, very rural north of Bangor along Interstate 95. It also becomes wildly beautiful and I loved driving along this portion of the roadway.

2. I’ve never been to New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island before as my Canadian experience has been limited to Ontario and Québec. I must say that like Maine, N.B. and PEI both have a rural beauty that is quite rare in our part of the USA. From the little I’ve seen, I absolutely adore it up here. And where else could I get a McLobster Sandwich?

3. I might have to hit Nova Scotia on the way home, just to add another province to the roster.