Fun In The Park.

Nothing says “it’s a festive Memorial Day weekend” like a bunch of gay bloggers congregating in Central Park on “Bear Hill” (near the Sheep Meadow) for the sweet sounds of disco and the likes of Roller Grandma, Bladee and Bottlehead.

“Bear Hill” is situated over what looks to be the impromptu roller rink. Many guys get together Saturday afternoons throughout the summer, today a bunch of us out-of-town bloggers joined in the fun.

The festivities included chatting, eating (let’s hear it for cheese in a can!) and socializing with the guys. I really like talking face to face with those that I peer into the life of via their blogs. I find it all so fascinating.

Earl was kind enough to take a picture when we were doing group shots. There’s quite a few new guys on the blogroll (to your right), you’ll probably see more additions to the list over the weekend.


  1. It was such a pleasure to meet and chat with you and Earl today. You both are such sweet guys.

    I love you site design. Nice and clean, but not boring. Makes me want to redesign. Kidding. Well, for now.

    Have a safe ride home. Take care.

  2. Hi guys.

    I had a great time meeting and talking to you two Friday night.

    I didn’t make it for Saturday’s festivities, unfortunately. This weekend’s been a blur.

    Great pix btw.

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