Off We Go.

I’ve started and abandoned countless blog entries today. I’m not cranky by any manner nor am I depressed or anything like that. Since yesterday’s blow up on “The View” between Rosie and Elisabeth with an “S”* I’ve decided to do further research on The War on Terror and not surprisingly, it’s not pretty. None of it. I look and look and nowhere do I find anything encouraging. Lots of money, lots of dead soldiers, lots of dead civilians. Six human beings, six soldiers have died in Iraq in the past 24 hours. I’ve watched the news shows and I’ve seen several “important” stories: Rosie vs Elisabeth with an “S”*, Anna Nicole Smith’s sister wants to look like her dead sister and Jordin spelled wrong Sparks won American Idol.

It’s seems kind of silly or rather trivial to write about the woman in line in front of us at Panera last night taking almost ten minutes to order, after demanding all vegetables be removed from the tuna “salad”.

On the bright side, Earl surprised me with a little tidbit of news: we’re spending two nights in New York instead of just driving down for the day on Saturday. Let’s hear it for the Hilton Honors Reward Club! So we’re going down tomorrow afternoon and staying until Sunday for GB:NYC4. Now that’s something to get excited about.

*I’ve referred to Elisabeth with an “S” as ‘Elisabeth with an “S”‘ since her Survivor days back when I cared about such shows. She’ll always be the little tramp that stayed on the island far too long in my book.