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Mall Me.

I’m sitting in another Thruway service area using their wi-fi. I’m taking a little break from my ride, and yes, it’s the same ride I started around noon today.

One of the cool things about technology is that even though we are separated by nearly a thousand miles, Earl and I are able to keep in touch no matter where we are. For example, I needed to send him an important text message after a particular experience.

I got myself one of those 20 minutes massages. In the middle of the mall. With people watching.

I figured I was in a mall where no one would know me and if they laughed and pointed or whatever they wouldn’t know whom they were laughing or pointing at so I plunked down $22 plus tip and got myself a 20 minute massage.

It felt wonderful. I still feel wonderful.

I told the masseuse to not hold back and the older gentleman certainly didn’t. He pushed, prodded, kneaded and punched until I felt like a loaf of bread ready for the oven. I didn’t giggle like the Pillsbury Dough Boy though. My muscles were a little sore from working out but now they feel great. I must have set a trend because when I got to the booth the four chairs were empty. When I left, there was a line waiting.

I’m going to do it again in a strange city! Soon!

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  1. Okay, you’re spending your time at Thruway rest stops, surfing the internet (for what exactly, hmmm?), and getting massages from strange older men. All I can say is you and Earl must have a very secure relationship.;-)

    Why, yes we do! You’re on to me. 🙂 – J.P.

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