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I’ve always been a fan of dandelions. While it seems that everyone I talk to wants to eliminate them from their picture perfect yards, I don’t think a lawn is complete unless it’s dotted with dandelions.

They’re a natural part of spring!


  1. I totally agree. I love to see them, and also daisies. I hate lawns that are so trimmed that one feels bad about having fun on them.

    PS. Noticing your “ubuntu” icon – how does it compare with OS X?

  2. I don’t like dandelions on my lawn but enjoy them on others’! 🙂

    I remember picking bouquets of them at recess to give to my teacher in elementary school.

  3. I could never understand why people hated them so much. I made up a song when I was a kid, ‘Dandelions are so prettily!” True story.

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