Clean Driveway.

Clean Driveway.

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I made a promise to myself today. The next time Earl and I are househunting we are only looking at houses on dead end streets. Actually, as an aspiring civil engineer I’ve come to learn that there are groups out there trying to abolish the term “Dead End” on road signs because it’s too negative sounding. Apparently the city folks that are moving out to the country are depressed by reading signs that say “Dead End”. They prefer “No Outlet”, which doesn’t necessarily mean “dead end” but it’s happier sounding to them. I say get your ass back to the other side of the bridge where you belong and mind your own business.

But I digress.

Cleaning out the driveway has become an almost twice a day event this week. At last measurement (as seen by my handy posts in this photo above) we were just shy of three feet of snow covering our lawn. While the folks in my native northern Oswego County have over twice as much, I’m rather impressed with the amount of snow that we’ve been blessed with. The National Weather Service has just issued another Winter Storm Warning for our area, we could see up to two more feet of snow by late Sunday night.

It’s a good thing I don’t mind running the snowblower!

The reason I want to live on a dead end street in the future is so I don’t have to keep stopping to let every car pass in fear of hitting them with snow/rocks/grass/etc with the snowblower. In addition, I feel like I’m taking my life in my hands as these idiots in vehicles entirely too large for them to handle are bombing down our road like it’s the Indy 500. The roads are snow covered with a generous amount of ice underneath. There’s a bit of sand courtesy of the county highway department to help provide traction, but for goodness sake people, slow down! If there’s a game out there where you earn points for hitting people shoveling or snowblowing, I’m not playing as one of the pawns.