Earl and I never miss “Heroes”. We both love that show and we we’ll even stoop to watching it in ‘real time’ (instead of breezing by commercials with the TiVo) if there’s a chance that the TiVo might hiccup and not record it. I find it to be a well written, visually exciting, intriguing program.

That being said, I’m really hoping that this Nikki/Jessica storyline ties into something soon because quite frankly I’m really getting tired of it. The previews for next week’s show does give us a little hope but unfortunately NBC has a way of blowing the previews way out of proportion to the actual episode. Last night we watched in real time, or else I would have insisted that we boo-boo-boo-booped our way through the Nikki/Jessica part.

I’m just saying.


  1. OMG, Heroes is AWESOME! However, I was sick of the Japanese father story line. It was as if they let the intern write this week’s episode. Never-the-less, what a great show.

  2. I absolutely insist that NBC require Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) to wear pajama bottoms only from here on out. And a note to ABC, I absolutely insist that Jack (Matthew Fox) be required to go shirtless on Lost.

  3. OMG Nathan Petrelli is a total whore and like the father of at least 6 other characters! How old is he and why is he such a whore?

    I loved George Takei as Hiro’s father. Priceless.

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