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Saturday Night Jam.

When I DJ (which is very infrequently these days), I almost always include “Baby Love” by Regina in my “retro” set. Co-written by Regina and Stephen Bray, this song was originally written for Madonna. She turned it down, leaving Regina to record it for herself.

It reached #10 on the Top 100 in 1986, topping the dance charts in June and July of the same year. I still love this song to this day.

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  1. OMG – I loved that song back in my high school day. But listening to it now just reminds me of the synthesized cheese that it was! (and it TOTALLY sounds like a song Madonna would have sung back in the day)

    I say that in a good way, though, cuz I still love it.

    Ah – thanks for bringing back the memories!

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