December 27, 2006


As I wind down my career with my current employer, my last day being Friday, I finding it kind of odd around the office. This week is a slow week, simply because it’s the annual ‘Tween week, where many are not working and those that are really aren’t. But it’s a little strange to be cleaning out my desk, showing others what I do and how I do it and such. E-mails are arriving to tell our team what to expect over the next couple of weeks. Since I won’t be there, it’s odd to be hitting “delete”.

I find the feeling rather disconcerting.

Instead of being in the thick of things, I feel like I’m on the fringe. An outsider just looking in and watching the game from the cheap seats.

I also find it a little humorous that my last two “work nights” are also on-call nights. When I gave my letter of resignation at the beginning of the month, I mentioned that I would maintain my on-call obligations right up to the bitter end.

Sometimes I’m such a martyr that I want to spit up right along with those around me.

I’m very excited about heading back to college in the mid part of January. I guess I’m ready to get there now.