Bake At 350.

“Gotta make the cookies. Time to make the cookies. Frost me, frost me!”. These thoughts danced in my dreams as I tossed and turned Saturday night, laden with the guilt of not having our annual cookie trays made up for the folks at our respective workplaces. While children throughout the land have visions of sugarplums in their head, all I can think about are cookie trays, assorted colored sprinkles and smiling Santa shaped cookies.

Yesterday Earl and I embarked on the Holiday Cookie Assembly Project, an undertaking seemingly so large that it’s only surpassed by Boston’s Big Dig. While I measured, sifted, mixed and beat various ingredients of varying importance, Earl rolled and kneaded our chilled sugar cookie dough as he kept a watchful eye on me lest I put the walnuts in the mix before the chocolate chips*.

I am happy to say that no cross words were exchanged nor were any fingers burned, spindled or mutilated as we cranked out almost ten dozen cookies of different shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. Tonight the merriment continues, after we finish the assembly and decorating of our nine foot Christmas tree.

*Bittersweet hot cocoa mix is not a favorable replacement for baker’s chocolate. I’m willing to sign an affidavit indicating this.