I haven’t been on Facebook in a while and I hadn’t ranted on Facebook in a much longer while, but I couldn’t keep my mouth shut anymore.

It’s been decades since I’ve sat in a social studies class, and even when I sat in a social studies class I wasn’t really that enthralled with the subject. But, I do remember that gas prices in a capitalistic society are determined by supply and demand, the free market in general, corporate greed, and probably too many taxes. No one in the US government issues a decree declaring what gas prices will be. Demand a year ago, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic was low. Now that folks are out and about (since COVID is “over”?), demand is high. Because of worldwide angst, supply is low. The US Government is releasing barrels of reserve to help with the supply. Supply and demand + corporate greed (you don’t see oil corp profits declining, do you?) = higher prices at the pump. If you need to blame someone, blame an oil exec while they fan themselves with money on their million dollar yachts. Yes, prices are absolutely painful. Yes, there’s a lot of turmoil in the world. Yes, all governments involved in all of this could do a heck of a lot better, but when you drive a large vehicle that requires a lot of gas, it’s going to get pricey in times like these. Trade in for a Chevette or plan your trips to the market a little better. And yes, this all sucks.