Once A Decade.

It’s official. As of Wednesday, Earl and I have lived together in one household for ten years. To celebrate the event, we rented a dumpster to throw out all the junk we’ve accumulated over the years.

It’s really amazing to think that we’ve accumulated all of this stuff when we’re living in our third place together. I mean some of this stuff I’ve saved from the apartment we lived in back in ’96. But here we are, still holding on to old copies of DOS and a 286 computer with a 13-inch monitor.

You never know when technology is going to regress, I guess.

We decided to include the neighbors on our celebration by emptying OUR pool in THEIR lawn. It wasn’t intentional, but they’re the ones that live downhill from us, so now they can play “swamp thing” out in the backyard, courtesy of their neighbors. I thought it was a nice gesture. Tomorrow the pool goes in the dumpster. Next spring we’ll say “hello hot tub.”

Wanna visit?