Too Busy.

This week is flying by at an incredible pace. I feel like I can barely keep up with it. We’ve been off somewhere every night this week and tonight will be no exception, as we have to drive to Syracuse (the round trip is 90 miles) to pick up my car from it’s 20,000 mile tune-up. At least it’s an excuse to go out and eat.

I feel like the laundry baskets and my e-mail inbox are bulging at the seams. It’ll be good to catch up on both this weekend. We also had a present delivered for our weekend fun – a dumpster. We’re finally going to get the basement cleaned out and functional again.

What a way to relax.

You know, even though we’ve been moving non-stop this week, it feels like it’s all been in “maintenance mode” – get the car tuned up, vote in the primary elections, pick up needed items at PetSmart, that sort of thing. I think Saturday night we’re going to do something that doesn’t have the earmarks of “responsibility” attached just for the hell of it.

Watch out – the boys are getting wild!