Dump It.

I finally went ahead, did the deed and made a commitment to our merry little household.

I ordered a dumpster to be delivered on Thursday so that we can clean out the basement and garage. We live on the edge in these parts.

I find it amazing that we’ve lived in the house for only three years or so and that we’ve accumulated so much junk in the basement. As I’m reminded from time to time, it’s my fault. I’m a packrat and will save things for either sentimental value or perceived functionality.

I think I have every card Earl has ever given me. I have every birthday card I’ve received in the past 15 or so years. I keep smashed Christmas ornaments because they were once so pretty.

I’m whacked.

So this weekend we’re cleaning out and making way in the cellar for something a little more useful – a green screen for videotaping purposes. I’ll soon be soaring through the skies above any random city on “B” roll.

Such fun.