Animal Impressions.

Have you ever took a moment and pondered what your cat or dog thinks about you? I sometimes do. For example, as I type this blog entry, Tom is looking at me like I’m rather nuts and is voicing his displeasure with what I am currently doing. This is totally going to go into the “Too Much Information” file, but I’m typing this on my PowerBook while sitting on the john.

I believe in multitasking.

Tom and I have a lunch routine that must not deviate or else he’ll express his disappointment in me by meowing and making burying motions over his food dish.

I do wonder why he is so adherent to a timetable. Is it because I need to keep to a timetable myself? Have I trained him to do things in a certain way, or has he trained me?

There are moments when we’re out and about that I’ll see some random animal in our travels and wonder what they’re thinking. Does the pooch in the purse really like being in a purse? Is the squirrel trying to eavesdrop on a phone conversation while running across the road via telephone line? Do the birds really look for clean cars to do their business?

I find it all very curious.