Deadwood, South Dakota.

Fun In The Sun?

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When we were planning our vacation, we knew we would pass through a wide variety of weather conditions. We were expecting rain in Pennsylvania, as it always rains when we drive through Pa. on vacation. We hoped to see some storms along “Tornado Alley”. We looked forward to hot and dry in New Mexico and Arizona.

We knew it would be cooler in Wyoming and South Dakota, but we didn’t expect nearly a foot of snow. What a surprise!

We left Scottsbluff, Nebraska this morning, drove back into Wyoming and headed north on U S 85. While the drive across the desert earlier this week was desolate, this drive was even more so, with nothing but ranches and cows for as far as the eye could see. Wide open spaces, indeed.

After stopping in Newcastle, Wyo. for some lunch, he continued north into the Black Hills and crossed through some beautiful country into South Dakota. We’re settled in Deadwood for the next couple of days, meeting up with some friends from the Cheyenne area. Tomorrow we’re going to see Mount Rushmore and some of the many area sites.

Maybe we can fit in some snow sledding.