May 21, 2006


Here it is Sunday evening. Earl is out playing poker with his buddies and I’m sitting in front of the computer. After a fairly quiet on-call day yesterday, today has kept me rather busy. That’s kind of odd for a Sunday, usually Sunday is the quiet day.

I’ve learned a lot of computer skills today as I’ve been messing around with web pages and such. We’ve cleaned and organized the house. I didn’t conquer the doorbell installation, but we did some other projects that needed to be done so I feel like we’ve accomplished something.

I know that I’m ready to get out and enjoy some social activity. After being on call for a week and thinking about little outside of work, I’m ready to get out and do something. Last night Earl and I went to a local steakhouse for supper but unfortunately all I could think about was the pager on my belt and how I would tactfully take care of work while sitting in a restaurant.

I guess I’m feeling antsy today. I’m ready for the clouds to clear, the summer breezes to start up and the pager to be shut off.

Very soon, very soon….