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Earl is out of town on business tonight and tomorrow and he left me a list of chores to accomplish to get ready for the big trip on Friday.

The chore list did not include the installation of the new dishwasher. I decided to do that without prompting.

It’s been a while since I’ve tackled a home improvement project solo but I was up for the challenge. I mean, how hard could it be to install a dishwasher? Earl and I had pulled the old dishwasher out last night in less then 20 minutes, it should be easy to put the new one in, right?

Actually, it wasn’t that bad, once I spent $75 in new tools. I consider the money an investment, because the dishwasher installation turned out so well, I might be inclined to go ahead and do something really crazy like paint a wall or hook up the doorbells.

So here I am posing by the new dishwasher. No the absence of sparks. Notice the calm look because I’m not in a flood zone. It’s running as I type and it’s running well.

Bring on the next project. After vacation.


  1. Well… I have never tried to do such things like install a dishwahser or an eletric shower! It creeps me because I am too afraid of electricity. And there´s more.. I have a total incapability of handlig tools… so I better pay someone to do that for me than do it myself.

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