Bright Lights. Dark Places.

Tonight I made a decision in our bedroom and did a little rearranging. I moved the iHome alarm clock that Earl had bought me for Christmas off of my nightstand and into the Bear (Guest) Room. It has found a new home on that nightstand.

It’s not that I didn’t appreciate the gift. I love it. I can put my iPod in it and wake up to any track of the over 1500 songs on my iPod. For some reason it favors “Voices Carry” by ‘Til Tuesday. I think it’s an alphabetical thing. The problem with the iHome is that the display is just too damn bright.

Now I can sleep anytime, anywhere. I can announce to the world “I’m going to sleep” and be asleep within minutes. However, if the environment is too bright then my dreams seem all washed out. I swear I can see the shadow of Tom walking by my eyelids, much like someone walking behind a movie screen.

If the Blue Marvel suit last night didn’t tip you off, then I’ll just go ahead and say it. I’m odd.

I don’t know why alarm clock manufacturers have decided to abandon the good old red-LED lights on the early electronic alarm clocks and have opted to start using backlit LCD displays instead. The backlighting makes the display very bright. It makes me nervous. I don’t like the room to be lit up like Times Square. I never liked a nightlight as a kid and I certainly don’t like one as an adult. I feel like I’m getting a sunburn on my face. It allows me to things I shouldn’t see; mostly Tom’s activity in the middle of the night. He stands on Earl’s pillow and stares at him. He then bounds across the bed chasing my kicking feet and then bounces off my balls en route to the nightstand, where he installs himself to stare at me for a while.

It’s all very unnerving.

So my trusty old General Electric alarm clock from 1987 with it’s comforting red numbers has moved back onto the nightstand. I guess I’ll wake up to the sounds of the local NPR station.

At least I won’t be able to see what’s going on while I’m sleeping.


  1. I love my Ipod to death, would be lost without it. I always see these really cool attachment things (like you mentioned) but never have the fundage to buy one.

    My clock has a dimmer adjustment so that you can barely tell it’s on yet readily turn over and check the time. I don’t use it half the time anyway, my body seems to naturally wake up at 5:00 AM every morning, two hours earlier than need be. So i get up and blog to pass the time.


  2. I love “Voices Carry”…though, I might not want to wake up to it everyday. My iPod is particularly fond of Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond and Tiny Lights.

  3. Hello.. I am sorry for breaking in on your blogger like that since you do not know me… I am from Brazil and I am trying to expand my fortiers, making new friends all over the world and following links from firends, and friends of friends… I was basically in the same situation you were. My partner has given me a new USB optical mouse and it has this shiny blue light that sometimes annoys me at night because it´s too damn bright!!! I have a special piece of cllth just to cover it up in order to not have the same disturbances during my sleep ehhehe! Too funny! Well… that´s it…

    Thanks for stopping by! -J.P.

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