So the geek in me yelled “Uncle” once again and I’m back to booting up Windows XP Home Edition on my computer. I wisely never wipe it off when I experiment with Unix or Linux, so I just pick up right where I left off. After messing around with FreeBSD for a while, I’ve decided that I need a high speed internet connection to use it effectively. Didn’t wipe it off, just letting it rest until we are in the new house…

… as if that will ever happen. At least that what it seems like. Earl called the transaction handler today to find out what is taking so long with the closing date. She has no idea, she’ll call the seller’s (the enemy’s?) attorney. No, they’re not the enemy, but I am starting to feel that way. Am I still antsy? Way past that… now I’m RAW.

Work is plodding along nicely, I can’t believe that it’s Thursday night already. We just tried to watch Will and Grace, but the latest belch from the sun fried DirecTV for half the show. Judging by the half of W&G that we did see, we didn’t miss much at all. Apparently the producers are signing up special guest stars to make complete asses of them because Dylan Mc-needs-a-shave from The Practice truly made an idiot of himself tonight, per the script provided. Earl and I have said that we weren’t going to watch the show anymore but we had a few brain cells that needed killing off anyways.

I guess it’s cheaper than doing drugs.

Speaking of television… I am LOVING Judging Amy this season. I still find Amy Brenneman totally hot (stop snickering, I really do!) and I really am enjoying the show. It was nice to see Dan Futterman on the show again, even though it was for one episode. The show is interesting and I look forward to it every week.

And back to NBC… what the heck is going on with The West Wing? There’s the drugs we aren’t doing… the director’s doing them! The characters on that show have all traded in their personalities for a cranky one, the cinemetography SUCKS and the show has been dumbed down way beyond belief. The President went AWOL this week. Yeah, right. And Air Force One did a loop over the Hudson River last week.