Little Things.

Sometimes it’s the little things that makes the day go much better than originally anticipated. This week has been an early week for me at work- getting up at 5:30 to be to work by 7:00; I’m just not wired to do that. So it’s a struggle. And sometimes some surliness crawls into the struggle to make it much more interesting for those around me.

I had a trouble call from our main office come in. The person calling in the trouble was rather short with me and that sort of pisses me off because I like to think that we’re all in the same team, regardless of rank or serial number in the company. I bit my tongue and refrained from being overly snarky but it did dampen my spirits a bit.

We’ve had an equipment vendor in all week providing training for inside and outside technicians on a rotating class schedule. I appreciate the fact that we do get this sort of training because I love hanging achievement certificates on my cubicle half wall and I feel like I’m exercising my mental muscles a little bit. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to meet up with the outside techs, as usually they are just a voice on a tin-can at the other end of the string.

One of the techs came in to my cubicle to say hello and just shoot the bull a little bit, and she made a point of telling me that she’s happy when she gets me on trouble calls because I can always be counted on. That statement right there did wonders for my mood, my ego and negated any bad vibes I had this morning from the other trouble call that came in.

This warm, bright April day just got a little brighter.