Share And Share Alike.

So I had just finished a pretty good workout at the gym tonight when I decided that I would take a shower in the locker room. The showers are configured with stalls instead of the old pole-style showers and there was another guy taking a shower in the stall closest to the door so I went down to the second to the last shower from the back. I did my usual thing of hanging my towel outside the stall.

I was busy enjoying my shower when I turned around and realized that the man that was in the other shower stall had finished and was padding in his bare feet out of the shower area and headed back to his locker. He then turned around, and came over and DRIED HIS FACE AND HAIR ON MY TOWEL.

He looked at me smiling when he did it.

Now there’s no towel service at our gym. Each person brings their own towel. I also bring a basic white towel because I like a basic white towel when I’m doing my thing in public.


Since he was grinning, my first instinct was “Oh my God I’m going to have a gay moment at the gym.”

I then got myself under control (thinking of dead grandparents usually keeps the equipment in check in the locker room) and realized that I never have a clue if someone is making a move on me so I just looked at him and went about my business. He then left the shower area and went about his business.

Apparently his hair was dry.