Superhero Geek.

Oh Mighty Isis

I think it’s pretty clear that I am a complete superhero geek. I’m not into comic books so much as into the live-action stuff. I often feature John Davey’s “Captain Marvel” as eye candy, but I must say that JoAnna Cameron as “Isis”/”Andrea Thomas” has one of the most beautiful speaking voices I’ve ever heard. Small wonder she has the World Record for appearing in the most commercials ever!

“Oh, my Queen,” said the royal sorcerer to Hatshepsut. “With this amulet, you and your descendants are endowed by the goddess Isis, with the powers of the animals and the elements. You will soar as the falcon soars, run with the speed of gazelles, and command the elements of sky and earth.”

Three thousand years later, a young science teacher dug up this lost treasure and found she was heir to The Secret Of Isis. And so, unknown to even her closest friends, Rick Mason and Cindy Lee, she became a dual person: Andrea Thomas, teacher, and Isis, dedicated foe of evil, defender of the weak, champion of truth and justice.

Yes, I just typed that in by memory. And I have always loved the theme song, especially the flute playing in the lower register.

Here, have some video.

I’m *really* looking forward to the day that Isis comes out on DVD. At least it’s been officially announced and it’s in the good hands of Andy Mangels. Now if Universal would only release the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman on DVD in the states!