Happy Holidays?

As I was working out last night, watching whatever was flashing on the bank of televisions in front of me, I noticed a local grocery store commercial flash on the screen obviously promoting the joyousness of Easter dinner. I didn’t have my headphones tuned to that channel, but at the end of the commercial a simple message was displayed: “Happy Holidays”.

At first the radio program director in me kicked in and said “whoops, they ran the wrong spot!”, thinking they had run a Christmastime spot in error. But then I realized that the ad was in pastel colors and just had this look of spring about it. So why did they end the spot with a graphic stating “Happy Holidays.”?

Because they’re being ultra PC.

I hate that.

I’ve mentioned before that while I am a very spiritual person, I’m really not a religious person. Personally I don’t feel that religion really embraces all that is spiritual. I believe that the concept of “God” goes way beyond mere human comprehension. God is a He. God is a She. God is all around us. Religion is too “human”. That being said, I am not offended at all when someone says to me “Happy Easter”.

Living in a mostly Christian nation, for the most part it’s innocently assumed that those around you are Christian as well. I believe that if someone wishes you a “Happy Easter”, that it should be taken in the spirit in which it was intended. In December, many, many people wish me a “Merry Christmas”, even though it would be more inline with my beliefs to say “Happy Solstice.” I don’t slap them across the face and say “Idiot! I’m celebrating the solstice!”. That would be rude.

So I guess I find the message of “Happy Holidays” on last night’s Easter themed commercial to be rather silly. Oh, I appreciate the spirit of the message and accept it as such, but it just seems so hollow to use a generic “Happy Holidays” at any time of the year.

Enjoy your weekend, no matter the celebration or observance.