Formal Blogging.

Earl is off buying lottery tickets. Tom is cruising up and down the back of the couch, looking for a landing spot near my PowerBook. He has the “urge to nudge” in his eye. I’m sitting on the couch, pecking away at my computer. I’m in the front room, or as it’s labeled on the electrical panel and heating pipes in the cellar, I’m sitting in the “parlor”.

We don’t use this room as much as I’d like. There’s no entertainment system in here, save for my grandmother’s piano. We’ve had the piano almost six months, and I can still smell it’s unique scent. I still haven’t determined if it’s the smell of the actual piano, or the smell of my grandparents’ house linger within the instrument.

I have a couple of beautiful plants in here that seem to be holding their own, despite minimal attention from me. There’s a chess game in progress on the coffee table. This room has a formal, yet somewhat cozy feeling to it.

Perhaps we need to spend more time in here. It’s peaceful. A perfect way to end the work week and kick off the weekend.