Who’s The Fool.

Earl and I are watching the Top 24 “ladies night” on American Idol. So far the first two performers have done their thing, the crowd is going wild for lackluster, mundane, uninspired performances.

I feel like I’m wasting my time.

And this trend of the audience booing anything that’s a remotely negative comment from the judges is absolutely ridiculous. American Idol needs to get back to their roots and let these folks sing with little in the way of accompaniment and no audience for this stage of the game.

And while I’m cranking on this show, they made a mistake keeping the “plus-sized model” (who keeps reminding us that she is a “plus-sized model”, what’s that got to do with her singing voice? She’s no Martha Wash!) and getting rid of the other girl that could really sing.

I really am wasting my time and your time with this blog entry.

Time to click through the TiVo. Maybe the chipmunk version will be more entertaining.