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Step Back In Time.

I was going through old CDs this morning and found a little nugget from my radio days. It inspired me to play “radio DJ” in the home studio for a little while. Here’s your chance to hear what I sounded like on the radio. Sort of.

By the way, back in 1983 this clip inspired me to become interested in radio and music production in the first place. It’s kind of silly I know, but I’ve kept the album around all these years just to remind me.

*The first clip in the first MP3 file is not me, but our very talented station “Mr. Voice” of Mike Goral, followed by clips from the Wow FM jingle package. What you hear is called a “beat mix” using station elements mixed with popular songs, and this particular one was created by Chris Spiwak, a very, very talented musician and audio engineer. The DJ “Dana Dee” I refer to is my good friend Dana, who has her own blog.

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  1. You know, I want to listen, but it will only make me sad. I loved our station and currently have no station to listen to that plays dance music and has a pulse, or is FUN.

    I am asking Santa for an ipod so I can fill it with dance music. It’s the only way…….

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