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Thanksgiving Pies.

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Earl and I began our Thanksgiving feast tonight by baking two pumpkin pies. It’s the first time I’ve ever made a pumpkin pie, solo or with assistance. It’s funny, but I never realized how many ingredients went into a pumpkin pie! The recipe we have from Wegmans called for maple syrup. I don’t know if that’s common or not but I found it quite interesting. I let Earl fill the crusts. He wanted a nice, “restaurant style” pie so the filling comes right to the top of the crust. I can’t wait to dig into the pies on Thanksgiving day.

I was never much of a baker before we moved in this house nearly two years ago. Sure, I would whip up some cookies from time to time, but now I must say that I really, really enjoy the experience. Maybe it’s because we have a bigger kitchen or something. Perhaps it’s becaue I get to play with gadgets like the mixer, the “magic bullet” and the can opener. The other night I saw one of those can openers on television that takes the lid off of the jar for you. How cool is that! But I doubt we’ll get one, it’s like taking a chunk out of my masculinity card.