Medium in 3D.

Medium in 3-D

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Earl and I are ready for tonight’s 3D episode of Medium. While we were grocery shopping last night, there we were in Wegmans, ready to swipe the debit card at the checkout when I loudly proclaimed, “We need our 3D glasses!”. I shoved aside the woman behind me who seemed to have way too much asparagus on the belt. (How much asparagus can one eat, anyway?) I spotted the smiling faces of Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber on the cover of TV Guide and practically jumped over two adjacent lanes to grab two copies. The man next to the magazine stand looked at me with a puzzled look. I told him, “We need our 3D glasses for Medium!” and bound across asparagus woman’s cart again to get them to the scanner just before the cashier hit subtotal.

I didn’t even need a phone booth or room to whirl with orchestral accompaniment to accomplish this feat. This is probably a true Jump The Shark moment for the show, but it’ll be fun nonetheless. We will forgive them for any extra cheese in tonight’s episode.

We’re ready for the big show tonight. Do you have your 3D glasses?