Mc Blog.

I had devious plans of using the wireless connection at the local Mc Donalds today during my lunch break. The plans were devious because I didn’t intend on purchasing anything at Mc Donalds during this visit, but rather just sitting out in my car surfing the internet on my PowerBook. Theoretically, the wireless connection should extend out to the parking lot unless they have a really, really cheap wireless router.

There was no connection to be found at the two Mc Donalds that are located closest to my office. And I’m pretty sure that they’re advertising free high speed. Either they don’t have it going yet, it’s not working or Mc Donalds has cleverly harnessed the connection for inside the building only. On second thought, perhaps the connection only lets you use it if you SuperSize a McBomb meal.

I’ve been running home for lunch every day for the past couple of months, save for a stray day here and there. I wasn’t really in the mood to go for a walk, since I fulfilled that obligation this morning (note my patting myself on the back here). I had to do a quick customer visit before lunch so I figured I’d just borrow some McNet.

So I’m sitting in the parking lot at work, currently connectionless, typing my blog entry in trusty TextEdit. The sun is shining beautifully. The temperature is in the mid 60s, and people are actually walking by, chatting and smiling at one another. It’s good to see people be cordial to one another, as one rarely sees that these days. The world seems to be more “dog-eat-dog” each day. People don’t take the time to exchange pleasantries anymore. As a tech support specialist, I can attest to the dismal way people treat others over the telephone.

“I’m sorry you’re having difficulty with your telephone, what’s your main telephone number so I can look up your account?”

“You figure it out! [click].”

Unbelievable. I quickly learned to separate* work for my personal feelings and ego and not get so worked up about these things anymore. I save my rage for the road these days. And don’t get me started on that.

* For those intrigued by my “Fix Birds Up” blog entry, I initially typed “celebrate” instead of “separate” when I was typing this entry. Just another example of how my brain works.