Well I Tried.

I’ve been squawking the past year or so about how I’ve become a Mac Zealot. I’m just crazy about our stable of Macs and their simplicity. As Apple says, “It Just Works”. At least most of the time, and when it doesn’t, it’s usually because I’m just thinking too hard and making more out of a task than it should be.

Like most of corporate America, I’m stuck with using Microsoft Windows at work. More specifically, XP Professional. Lately the IT department has been cracking down on what’s installed on our computers and such, so I haven’t been able to super tweak my computer like I enjoy doing. I’ve been trying desperately to be the good employee and stick to the provided programs, Office 2003, Internet Explorer, etc., even though I know that Firefox, Thunderbird and other open source alternatives are superior products.

When Microsoft abandoned their support of a gay rights bill in Washington State a couple of weeks ago, I promptly deleted any and all Microsoft software on our home computers. No more trial version of Office for the Mac. No more NT Workstation in the computer in the cellar. No more use of Internet Explorer. Last week, Microsoft reversed their decision and reinitiated their support for the same gay rights bill.

Last night I tried to install Windows NT Workstation back on the cellar computer and I couldn’t get through the install program.

Well isn’t that a crappy kettle of fish.

The computer is in the *exact* same configuration it was in when I took the software off a couple of weeks ago. Nothing has changed. It even has a “Designed for Windows NT” sticker on the outside.

It gives me the blue screen of death about 3/4 of the way through the install program.

I have no idea why.

And I’m a computer geek.

We were recently upgraded to Office 2003 at work and I’m taking a test drive of Microsoft Office OneNote, in an effort to eliminate jotting down thousands of notes of millions of pieces of paper.

The blasted program keeps ‘bonk’-ing at me without nary an explanation. “Reboot” has become a way of life. It’s a shame, but I have no idea why I’m getting the bonk as no messages ever appear.

And I’m a computer geek.

So, while Microsoft is once again supporting a good cause, I can not say that I’m heartily supporting their work. I wish I could, I really wish I could. But its just too buggy.

So I’ll say it again. Buy A Mac.