Let Your Love Flow.

How I love tax time. After foolishly allowing the federal government to hold onto my money by having too big of deductions all year, only to get a portion of it back in a check at this time of the year is somewhat satisfying. I can almost hear the sound of the direct deposit as we speak.

Goodness, I’m odd.

Earl announced to me that he considered my tax refund “play money” this year. So I’ve decided to start my little recording studio project I’ve been thinking about for the past couple of months. I just purchased my second piece of equipment.

Welcome to the fold, my little Mac Mini.

My little guy is on order from Apple and should be here within the next three weeks. I’m very excited as I will have a computer, that is very modestly priced I may add, dedicated to my Garage Band 2 projects. And more importantly, it’s a Mac, not a thrown together PC.

iProud once again.

Right after vacation, I bought a USB driven MIDI keyboard which I’ve hooked up to my PowerBook and played around with a little bit. It’s pretty cool being able to piece together these tracks so easily using Garage Band 2. When I was in the radio biz, we used Cool Edit Pro on Windows, which is o.k. but nowhere near as fun as the Mac stuff.

I’ve been feeling like I have all this creative energy stored up inside of me, just waiting to come out and be realized.

I think the dam is going to burst with a rousing remake of “Let Your Love Flow”.

Stay tuned!