Politics, Part 2.

I took an amazing step in a decidely political direction and listened to a good share of the debates this evening. I usually don’t engage in that sort of thing, as I’m not that good of a debater myself, and I feel that I can get pretty much the same dialog by reading a transcript from various campaign speeches.

My first impression is that Mr. Bush has a really loose grip on the English language. He certainly made up his own words on several occasions. He has a stumbling manner that just makes me plain nervous. It undermines any confidence I have in a man that is suppose to be the leader of the “free” world.

My second impression is that I still think John Kerry will be a good or great, but not outstanding President. He’s not Bill Clinton, but he’s better than what we’ve got.

Listening to the debate has not changed my vote. I’m still voting for John Kerry.

I have been a little more political than usual in my discussions with various family members. When some mention that they are Bush supporters, I ask them how can they support a man that is trying to turn our constitution into a tool of segregation. You may not agree with gay marriage. You may be very well against gay marriage. And I’m o.k. with that. But I’m NOT o.k. with adding an amendment to the constitution – the only amendment that is taking away citizen’s rights rather than guaranteeing them. There was one other amendment that did that – and that was for prohibition. And we all know how that did! Yes, in my eyes, a vote for George Bush is a vote against the relationship that Earl and I share. It’s a vote for separation, it’s a vote for segregation, it’s a vote for division and it’s a vote for oppression. It’s a vote to guarantee that the United States of America will continue these turmulous times for another four years. It’s a vote for war, not for peace.

Please think hard and think very carefully when you vote on November 2.