Animal Kingdom.

Today we spent the day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Earlier in the week I had mentioned that I thought Epcot was my favorite theme park here at Walt Disney World. After thinking about it, I’ve decided that that’s not true. I actually enjoy all the parks with their varying offerings, and Animal Kingdom holds a special place in my heart. Because at Animal Kingdom, it’s all about respecting our Mother Earth and all the life she holds.

We took the opportunity to see as many of the animals that we could. We stayed away from the few thrill rides at Animal Kingdom and opted for exhibits and such instead. We did go on the safari tour, as it’s a great way to see all that “Africa” and “Asia” have to offer. I love animals and I’m like a big kid when it comes to the petting zoo.

We also took a peek at the live bird show where Earl was selected as a volunteer to have an owl fly right up in his face. It was really cool, though he couldn’t snap a picture quick enough. It’s amazing how these birds are able to fly right over the audience, inches above their heads and not disturb anyone’s hair.

We also hung out for the parade and The Lion King show, which serves as the park’s finale.

After Animal Kingdom, we headed back to Wilderness Lodge for supper at the Whispering Canyon Café, where’s it’s loud and rowdy and tons of fun. If you’re ever looking for a fun place to eat at Disney (and there’s a bunch to choose from), we highly recommend the family fun at Whispering Canyon.

Now Earl is catching up on his work e-mail, something I don’t have to do during vacation for the first time in over 10 years. I really haven’t thought about work that much during our vacation. It’s nice to be able to put those responsibilities out of my mind. I must admit that the geek in me appreciates the fact that Walt Disney World (like the mall-based Disney stores throughout the country) is running a mix of older and state of the art IBM point of sale equipment, apparently using a modified version of General Sales Application in the shops and such. Only a true geek like myself would find that fascinating!

Earl and I are going to relax on the lanai a bit, and then call it an evening. Tomorrow night is potpourri day, starting the day off with our Disney Vacation Club appointment and then checking out the other resorts via monorail afterwards. Tomorrow night it’s Cirque de Soleil’s La Nouba and shopping adventures at Downtown Disney.