Vacation 2005 Part 1. Kick-off!

Earl and I are officially on vacation. We are staying at a Hampton Inn near the Albany International Airport, so that we can catch our flight early tomorrow morning. I am more than ready to see sunny skies and feel the warm temperatures of Florida. DisneyWorld, here we come!

I had to kick the day off early this morning by taking Tom to his Gram’s. As usual, he complained about the ride the entire time, but once we got to Mom’s, he seemed to take to her apartment. I think he’s going to enjoy his stay, he has the whole place to himself, no other cats about.

Earl and I made it a diner day again, hitting our local haunt of Betty’s Diner for a noon-time breakfast, and then hitting the Circle Diner in suburban Latham for supper tonight.

I was cranky this afternoon but a nap seemed to cure that state of mind. I think I was anxious to get the hell out of Dodge and it just wasn’t happening quick enough for me. After I calmed down during my nap, I found myself back at center.

So now we’re going to relax in the hotel room for a bit, hit the hey early and then onto our Southwest Airlines flights tomorrow. Hopefully you won’t see us on Airline.