Natural Magick.

This morning I awoke to a ‘pitter patter’ type sound. Knowing there were no children running around the house, and since the sound was complimented by content purring near my right ear, I decided that it must have been the sound of rain.

And raining, it certainly was. Buckets and buckets of rain, falling from the sky, making a sound on the roof that simply can not be duplicated, no matter how they try. Sure, the CD can do its best imitation, even in quadrophonic stereo sound, but that’s just the sound of rain. It’s missing the soul, the magic of the sound of rain.

There is something inherently magical about the weather. Mother Earth, doing her work keeping her domain in balance. Washing away negativity with the rain. Reassuring her creatures with a blanket of snow. Charging our souls with lightning. Caressing us with her positivity in the wind.

Yes, the world around us full of wonder and magick.

I relish every opportunity I have to just sit back, close my eyes, and listen.