I’ve Got The Brains, You’ve Got The Looks…

It’s a sunny day at work today. I’m feeling productive. I’m feeling confident. I’m feeling good.

When I resigned from previous job in August (to accept my current position), I was offered a computer tech support position with a company based in Iowa. I had been to one of their training classes the previous April, and had worked with them my entire time at my previous company. The make computer hardware and software for radio stations, being one of the earliest companies to do so. They are a small company and working with them as a customer over the years had been a joy. So I was quite flattered when they offered me the position in August, however, I was not in the position to relocate to Iowa and I was very excited about my new job at Northland Communications. So I politely declined, but told them I would keep in touch. It gave me the feeling of having a safety net. If this position didn’t work out, I could always go work for them.

In a fit of frustration with myself a couple of weeks ago, I touched based with them to see if there were any positions open. It was very early in the morning when I contacted them via e-mail, and I wasn’t feeling my usual ecstatic self. Part of that whole lack of self confidence thing I had going on there for a while. They jumped on my resume and offered me a position. It was kind of cool in that I could work from my home doing tech support and software development, as well as traveling throughout the United States to radio stations installing new systems and whatnot. The circumstances were fairly good, as far as I was concerned, because I would be able to work from home, but while I enjoy traveling very much, I wasn’t ready to be jet-setting all over the country one or two times a month. After all, with Earl traveling, we don’t need me traveling as well. Our household would be in complete shambles if we were both traveling. Plus, the fit of frustration that I was feeling turned out the be a fleeting moment, as I haven’t felt more comfortable in my current position. Things are going really well with my current job. So once again, I declined.

It’s as with all new positions or job. A new experience, lots of uncertainty. “Am I going to make the grade?” “Can I do this?” “Will they like me?” “Are they cute?” “Do they find me cute?” I believe there’s a turning point after you take a new job, in where you feel like you’re “getting it”. A confirmation to yourself that yes indeed, you did make the right choice and that you’re in for the long haul. If you don’t hit that point within several months, you move on to another opportunity.

I hit that point on Friday.

I’m in it for the long haul. I enjoy my work very much. I work with the greatest group of people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in a long time. It’s been too long since I’ve smiled getting out of bed or since I’ve looked forward to the challenge of my job. And the feeling is wonderful.

To celebrate, I’m following the lead of my on-line friend Robert and my long time friend Dana. I’m writing my first haiku and it’s about work.

I answer your call.

You get your dial tone.

One ringy dingy.