I’m surprised to find that I am in a somewhat sunny mood this evening. If you weren’t watching my webcam a few moments ago, here’s what you missed…

That’s me dancing to “MacArthur Park Suite” off of iTunes. This is the first time that I’ve played music off of iTunes right here on my computer. I usually burn a CD to bring along in the car, but I thought I’d try hacking to music for a change. As you can see I got carried away. I have to admit that I liked that capture so much that I made it my ‘avatar’ on the Veggie Boards I read regularly.

The reason I’m surprised that I’m in a sunny mood this evening is because Earl is out of town. His dad was having an angioplasty today and we both agreed that he should be with him (along with his other brothers and sisters). After some quick decisions yesterday afternoon, we both agreed he should be down there. It has been quite lonely around the house while he’s been gone, but I just spoke with him a while ago and was glad to hear that the procedure went very well and his dad is home raising hell (as usual). I wish I could be down there with the family, but it’s good to hear that all went well and that he’ll be home via train tomorrow evening. We’ll have to go out to dinner tomorrow night. 🙂

I’m also happy that I have been able to maintain my concerted effort to stay focused at work and get projects done. I’ve felt very productive and the workday has been flying along. Plus, I’m not as snappy towards others. A little meditation, a little centering and BAM we are good to go!

I tried to watch American Idol again tonight, but I found it a little depressing so I turned it off. From what I watched, there is absolutely no talent in Houston, Texas. The show was unevenly paced, boring and repetitive. So I turned it off.

And lastly, you may notice that I have spruced up the blogger page a little bit. I’ve been looking around at different templates, and for now I think I’m going to use this “river” one. I’ll have to do more digging to see if I find other cool stuff, but I feel really good about this one for now.