O.k., I swore that I wasn’t going to watch “American Idol 3.” After all, it’s reality TV, and reality TV sucks. And the state of the pop music industry sucks.

I lied.

On cue, Earl and I tuned into the commercials presented by the Fox Network with a few snippets of the first round of “American Idol 3” auditions in between. I must say that I think I enjoy these early auditions more than the Top 32, Top 10 or the grand finales! One contestant, Scat Girl, was an absolute mess, but you can’t help by admire her courage for getting up there in front of the cameras and the judges and giving her all. And her scream at the end made a worthwhile sound effect to install as my mail notification sound effect.

The talent was mediocre at best, but man, you have to give these folks credit for going for the dream and display lots of courage.