Well I made the leap yesterday and decided to retu…

Well I made the leap yesterday and decided to return to being a vegetarian

full-time again. I don’t think Earl is very excited about it, as it does

put a little bit of strain on meal planning. Since he does the majority of

the cooking (well, all of it to be exact), it is a burden on him. So,

emotionally I’m wrestling with feeling selfish for doing this, but I really

think that it’s for my own good health-wise, as well as spiritually… I

don’t like reading about what happens to animals that are bred for food


One thing that’s funny is that the radio station I work at is a country

station – and we do all the farm reports… livestock auctions, the status

of cheese, etc. And these reports have advertisements for growth hormones

to feed your cattle, etc. One even starts with “Before Bessie ends up on a

bun…” Eeks! Once in a while I have to load these shows into the computer

for future airplay. I’ve always had to walk out of the studio while they’re

recording (not a good practice for a radio professional), but I just can not

listen to the contents of these shows. I don’t think I fit the “country

radio station employee” very well – what with pursuing a vegetarian

lifestyle ang being gay. Oh well.

Earl and I installed the new weather station yesterday. Very, very exciting.

You’ll notice a new button on the front page, “Weather”, which leads you to

the current weather status here at home. It updates every 15 minutes. Once

I get my butt in gear I’ll probably install a webcam so you can see what the

weather is looking like as well.

After the installation, we went for a drive through the Hudson Valley. It

was a beautiful day. Drove down Route 32 in Greene County and was surprised

to find the aftermath of a tornado that hit the area Thursday night. About

a quarter of a mile swath right across the street – through an old 1950s

style motel – stuff was scattered everywhere. Mother Nature can do awesome

things (and I don’t mean that in a gleeful way). Earl and I have decided on

our vacation next year – we are going on a tornado chasing excursion mid

part of June out in the midwest. I’m really looking forward to it.

Today has been a blah day. Lots of rain, not much accomplishment. Mostly

relaxation and laundry. I think we may be caught up with laundry before the

night is over. I guess there’s going to be some accomplishment after all.