Everybody Dance.

Even though it’s the holiday weekend, there are those that may have had it up to their eggnog in Christmas music on the radio. Regardless of the season, there’s always time to get up and boogie.

Here, enjoy one of my favorite dance tracks of all time, Loveland featuring Rachel MacFarlane with “Don’t Make Me Wait”. A big hit in Europe back in 1995, I tried really hard to get this going in the states by playing it to death on the radio and encouraging my fellow program directors to do the same. It did best in the clubs.

Those with really good ears will notice that it’s a “Stock, Aiken & Waterman-like” production in that it was mixed by Dave Ford and has the same back up singers as earlier SAW hits. Also, Paul Waterman (son of Pete Waterman) is a member of Loveland. I find the video rather bland, but I still love this song. If you hear me spinning at a club, you know you’re going to hear this track sometime during the night.