Well I’ve just updated myself on the world’s news …

Well I’ve just updated myself on the world’s news courtesy of my Netscape home page. Very interesting. Baby Bush had an interesting quote today regarding the recall vote that might occur in California. “Of course the California is important. That’s the only opinion I got.” It’s nice to have such an articulate man in the White House. Good Lord, I miss Bill Clinton.

I’m not one to go political, but there are some things I just don’t understand.

1. When President Clinton left office, the national deficit was zero. Zip. Nada. Nothing. Baby Bush is in office for three years and we now have the largest deficit in the history of the United States. That makes me sick. How Baby Bush and his coven spend so much money, pay out tax rebates like a drunk sailor in a cat house, and have absolutely no idea how much “The War Against Terror” is going to cost despite the fact that 100,000 troops will probably still be in Iraq one year from today, racking up this huge deficit in three years is beyond my comprehension.

2. Osana Bin Laden’s Al Quaida network waged an attack against the United States on September 11, 2001. This attack killed thousands of innocent Americans. So we send troops to the Middle East to get Bin Laden, understandably. Unfortunately, mission not accomplished. So then we go after Saddam Hussein in “The War Against Terror”. He has weapons of “mass destruction”, we’re told. Apparently, these weapons of mass destruction are so good, they have vaporized themselves because no one can find them. Yes folks, I can find a picture of my house taken from a satellite on the internet. This picture is so clear and accurate, I can see the dashed lines down the middle of the highway I live on, AND I can see my cat sitting in the driveway. However, we can not find these alleged weapons of mass destruction. O.k., let’s try this on for size. Daddy Bush didn’t get Saddam Hussein during his presidency. So now, Baby Bush will. We can screech that Bill Clinton lied to us about his fling with Monica, but we’re suppose to remain calm when Saddam’s weapons can’t be found and American troops in Iraq are being killed daily?

3. Baby Bush and his cohorts are pushing for a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriages. Isn’t that just peachy. Why does it seem like whenever bible beaters are quoting the bible, they always skip the “Love one another as you would love yourself.” When asked about homosexuality, Baby Bush replied with “We’re all sinners.” Newsflash: the biggest sin is that he’s still in office.

4. The office of Homeland Security has warned the there is a strong possibility that there will be more terrorist attacks using airliners much like the Sept. 11 attacks some time before the end of the year. The SAME day, it is announced that air marshalls will NO LONGER be on international and cross country flights, claiming it’s too expensive! (Apparently, the little old lady air marshall will still be on the commuter flight from Podunk to Peoria, after all, she’s cheap.) Later the SAME day, they reverse the decision and announce that the air marshalls will continue as they have since shortly after 9/11/01. Pardon my French, but what the fuck? Is it unreasonable to expect the different governmental agencies to exchange a few e-mails to “work out the details” before going public with these announcements? Do intelligence reports actually hit CNN within five minutes of the actual gathering of the information? Do sources skip the White House all together and just go to MSNBC, not giving Washington the chance to make sure policy is in place? And why hasn’t the terror level being raised to orange? Commercial airline companies having a fit about it?

I apologize for going on with such a tirade. But I was just commenting to Earl the other day that the country seems so depressed. Mopey. Americans were not this depressed during the Clinton administration. Granted, September 11 had not occurred yet. True, we were not at war during his administration. True, the economy was much stronger. And yes, Bill was probably little too frisky in the oval office. But life just seemed better. The country was thriving.

Gosh, I miss Bill Clinton.