I’m writing a blog entry at work again. You can te…

I’m writing a blog entry at work again. You can tell things are a little slow. We just had problems with our internet connection that we repaired after a little bit. I hate it when hubs go bad.

Last night Earl and I joined my sister and her boyfriend and my mother for dinner at Olive Garden outside of Syracuse. It was pleasant enough. We were going to go to Plainville Turkey Farm, but mom wanted wine with her dinner and we didn’t think Plainville served wine. We had a really nice meal.

I did a “past life regression” self-hypnosis session a couple of nights ago that frankly scared the liver out of me. As I was doing it, I came to find out that I lived in Virginia in 1785, my first name was Barnabas, and I was locked up in a crate and thrown overboard off a ship. Apparently this is what they did to people with the plague. A couple of odd things have happened since: I’m not nervous on the elevator anymore and I’ve seem to have lost track of time. Usually I’m very aware of what time it is, but lately I don’t know what time of the day it is nor do I even realize what time of the year it is. I think I’m just nuts.