I am feeling wonderful. I’ve been working hard on being more positive in life, and it seems to be working as I feel so much happier these days! I’ve been doing some “soul-searching” in regards to my spirituality, and quite honestly, I’ve been praying more. Just trying to be as positive about life as possible. I’m not swearing as much, and I’m recognizing when I’m getting upset and doing something about it before I start flying off the handle. And people are having a more jovial attitude around me as well, I think I’m rubbing off! Plus, I’ve been much more productive at work. It’s like vicious circle – the better I feel, the better I do, but I guess “vicious” circle isn’t quite the right term! 🙂

Last night I pursued another of my New Year’s resolutions and I found the exercise quite enjoyable. I began to learn American Sign Language through a multimedia website at the Michigan State University Communication Technology Laboratory. Trying not to go crazy with money, I’m going to see if I can stick to learning five words a day for the next 15 days before going out and purchasing the CD-ROM that has many, many more details. I’m finding this quite fun and look forward to building my vocabulary at it.

Our friends Dennis and Victor were over tonight for supper and a little bit of television. We always enjoy our Wednesday night get togethers. We watched “Queer As Folk” off the TiVo – the Showtime series about a ground of gay friends and their trials and tribulations. It’s funny, I remember some aspects of the lifestyle the show depicts from when I was in my 20s when I was a club DJ and a single guy on the prowl, but now Earl and I just sit back and enjoy the show for entertainment. I hope it continues to do well.

We also watched “The West Wing” – one of my favorite shows of all time. Like much of America, I really enjoy it. I must admit that I’ve become slightly disenchanted with Judging Amy – it seems to be groping in the storyline department lately.

In between Queer as Folk and The West Wing, we watched a little bit of The American Music Awards. What a waste of time! Much of the popular music (Top 40 mostly) is such contrived, repetitive, uninspired drivel that it’s not even worth listening to anymore. Usher? Please. Britney? Whatever. ‘N Sync? Computer generated. I’m liking country music more and more, simply because it’s better musically and doesn’t have the same bullpucky associated with it.

I haven’t been using ICQ as much any more, because honestly, it’s been messing up my computer. So I’ve been using MSN messenger, which seems to run better and not crash as much. If you want to chat, I’m at jpnearl@msn.com on MSN messenger. If the little butterfly below is in color, I’m on line.