Well, here it is the end of the weekend, time for everyone to get ready for work once again. I’m actually looking forward to working, as it has been going along spectacularly the past couple of days. Also, it’s a short work week for me as I am taking off Friday just for the heck of it. Earl and I were originally going to drive to New York for the weekend, but those plans have been put on hold for a month, so instead I’m just going to goof off, maybe get my haircut (more on that in a few minutes) and just relax.

Yep, the bald boy is going to get a haircut! I’ve decided to grow out my hair for a bit, simply because I’ve become bored with shaving my head. Now I’m not going to end up looking like Fabio or anything, but a nice buzzcut is in order. Ultimately, I’d like to have a flattop, but I don’t think I have enough left on top to flat.

Earl and I went on a bit of a shopping spree yesterday. We started the day at Shoppingtown in Syracuse for Earl’s haircut (I didn’t have enough to cut yet) and then headed over to Carousel Center to go to Old Navy, Best Buy and CompUSA. Even though Carousel Center is HUGE, the Old Navy in there is tiny compared to others that I’ve been in, so we didn’t end up spending the whole gift certificate my father gave me for Christmas. What to do, what to do! So we had lunch at Pizzeria Uno (another gift certificate!) and then got on the Thruway and drove to Rochester. We went to EastView Mall in Victor and the surrounding shopping plazas. Can I tell you, I love Target. We found a bunch of stuff for the house and some nifty other stuff. I got a nice new optical mouse, since my old mouse was starting to get cranky. Who knew that General Electric made computer mice? I think it’s just branded GE for Target. Anyways, we also went to Eddie Bauer, where we went a tad crazy buying clothes. Plus, there was this fabulous restaurant in the EastView Mall Food Court called Tom Wahl’s or something like that. The food was awesome! When we can’t get to a Chick-Fil-A, we’ll get to Tom Wahl’s instead.

Today I’ve been cleaning out the wreck room again. Throwing away tons of stuff… plus I put a bunch of stuff up for sale on ebay. We need to make up for yesterday’s shopping spree.