I am content with my current lineup of Apple products, including my iPhone 13 Pro. However, I’ve been toying with the idea of redecorating my home office in “Apple Store colors”, and I wanted to go to one of the stores here in Arizona to get a better idea of the color palette. We decided to drive to Scottsdale to the Apple Store at Scottsdale Fashion Square, a lively mall with renovations in progress and several upper crust brand names populating the store fronts.

The line to get into the Apple Store was over 30 minutes long if one was looking for a new iPhone. A lot of future iPhone owners were queued up in front of the beautiful space.

We were able to go right into the store to browse, where we immediately engaged in our tradition of taking a photo on one of the demo machines. We decided to use a MacBook Pro for our typical adventure,.

I was able to get a better sense of the colors needed for my office renovation project; Earl doesn’t like the idea of “toasted almond” as a color choice, but it’s the best way I can describe it and I know I’ll enjoy the change of pace.

The particular store reminds me a bit of the flagship store on Michigan Ave in Chicago in that it has two levels, lots of glass, and a super open feel.

There’s a few other Apple Stores I want visit in the Phoenix area in the near future. Our store here in Tucson is quite enjoyable but not particular noteworthy. At least everyone there is friendly, in typical Apple fashion.